Unique Learning

The benefit to you from taking an expedition is to learn firsthand experience on operating a sailboat setup for cruising the open ocean. You will learn not only the obvious aspects of sailing on the ocean and making landfalls as provided in the video titled Overview, but you will take away a focused vision of how you can achieve the goal of cruising. The cost to participate in the expedition will pay for itself many times over either learning to avoid a costly mistake. Or when outfitting your boat, you will learn ideas regarding important systems.

The Cruising Expedition boat is the perfect boat for a couple or double hand team to learn and gain experience. Most Cruisers are a husband/ wife, couple or a person single handing the boat. For that very reason the boat used in this Expedition is a great platform to learn from. The boat used in the Expedition is set up with important systems and redundancy for safety while providing a vehicle to enjoy the Cruising Lifestyle at its fullest. You will learn how to prepare a boat to cruise on your budget, and to enjoy the freedom that only cruising a sailboat can offer.

In addition, the participation is limited to 3 crew members. Each participant will be able to will run the boat as if it was their own, with the oversight and instruction of the Skipper. This allows more one on one instruction, and the information is tailored to the individual needs of the crew.

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