References for Skip White

Tim Callahan of s/v "Midnight Blue" says of Skip White
"I have sailed for 25 years and have had a captains license for approximately 15 years. I have sailed together and shared anchorages with Skip White. During those times his boat appeared to be maintained well and kept in a sea ready condition. I could highly recommend Skip White as a skipper for a passage to someone whom wanted to gain cruising experience."

Chris Catterton of s/v "Sophia" says of Skip White
"…anyone interested in learning about sailing and the waterman's lifestyle will be lucky to run into Skip White and spend some time absorbing his thoughts. Having been involved in sailing all of my life, and working in the industry as a Rigger for the last sixteen years I feel confident in saying that Skip White keeps a well founded yacht, and has well developed skills for voyaging where ever you might choose to go".

Rich VanOrsdal of s/v "Content" says of Skip White
"I have sailed for over 40 years and have held a USCG captain's license for 12 years. I met Skip White in 2005 when we worked together on the water in Avalon, CA. His professionalism, and his well maintained and equipped Islander 44, Dolphin impressed me immediately.

…Skip White is a consummate seaman. With an understanding that even with all his experience, he knows the sea constantly teaches new lessons, and he remains an attentive student to it's lessons. He is always ready to share his experience with a positive, self confidence and humor, without being dogmatic. These characteristics would serve new sailors who want to gain cruising experience very well. I highly recommend Skip to be that teacher, mentor, and friend."

Tim Smale of s/v "Freestyle" says of Skip White
"After almost 30 years working as a business professional, I sailed my Cape Dory 36 ketch-rigged sailboat from the San Diego, CA area down the Pacific coast of Mexico. …….. Most sailors find that heading offshore is not their cup of tea, so like me, a group of us left Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to go north back home at the end of our trip. It was a decision requiring much thought and preparation; bash into weather and current against us for 800 miles for two weeks, or, head offshore as delivery captains and other professionals choose to do, and sail the whole way as one leg instead of many."

"While contemplating my move, I observed Skip White, whom I had met a year earlier in Mexico, work out his plan. Skip carefully checked weather, talked to others who had made the trip, checked his boat, and checked his charts. He determined the offshore route would be safer, faster, more comfortable, and save fuel. He was right on all accounts. While the rest of us motored north at four knots on a difficult trip, Skip White sailed offshore, on a well-equipped boat in capable hands, reporting that he made a relatively comfortable five to six knots, making Ensenada, Mexico harbor before the rest of us. He is truly a Sea Captain in my opinion. He knows his boat well, maintains it for safe passage making, and is a skilled navigator. He works well with people and is easy-going, and it would be a joy to spend time cruising on his boat with him."

"I recommend Skip White without reservation to anyone whom wants to learn more about sailing and cruising, plans to go sailing or cruising on his boat, or, hire him for services on another boat."

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