Frequently Asked Questions for Hawaiian Sailing Expeditions

Interested in adventure sailing in the Hawaiian Islands?
Great, maybe you have plenty of experience and just want to join along sail in tropical waters and take in the dream. Please let us welcome you; come along, pull a sheet, turn a winch, hoist a sail, helm, stand a watch and navigate with us!

How much sailing experience is necessary to join an Expedition?
More important than sailing experience is a willingness to get involved and the understanding you're on an adventure where the safety of the boat and crew come first.

Is it important that I currently own a sailboat?
No, an Expedition will help clarify what type or style of cruising sailboat you may purchase in the future.

Why is Cruising Expeditions better than others offered?
If your interested in instruction: Check the other "offshore sailing instruction" offerings do they have you sailing a cruising boat or a boat designed for day sailing or coastal sailing? Or is the boat so large that it requires more than a couple to run it? Is the boat equipped with all the systems necessary for enjoyable Cruising? Has the instructor personally installed these systems? Does the skipper have personal knowledge that comes with being out there; understanding the most common equipment failures and why they occur? Are you going to learn in either a bay, or coastal waters; does it make sense to learn offshore sailing in offshore water where you experience real conditions? At Cruising Expeditions you will get a real experience gaining real knowledge first hand.

How can I learn with so many people on board?
On all Expeditions (only Expeditions), a small crew limited to 3 people is allowed. Each participant will run the boat as if it was their own, with the oversight and instruction of the Skipper, focusing the experience to gain first hand knowledge tailored to the individual needs of each crew member.

Will I be able to Charter a boat on my own after taking this Expedition?
YES After completing an Expedition you will have the opportunity to gain skills necessary to operate a chartered boat from Moorings, Sunsail, Barefootyachts and others.

What Preparation can I do prior to an Expedition?
Study and read about topics that interest you regarding sailing or cruising a sailboat.

What activities will I enjoy during the Expedition?
Here is a partial list of activities available to you with the oversight of the Skipper; standing watch, piloting or steering, navigation both paper and electronic chart, visual boat safety checks, making log entries, participation in drills for sail handling, hoisting, reefing, trimming sails, learning to operate the autopilot and windvane self steering, learning to operate a watermaker, monitoring engine gauges, monitoring all other system(s) gauges, attaining and analysis of weather information, participating in anchoring.

I'm a woman and want to make sure I learn equally?
You will have equal opportunity to learn every aspect of cruising a boat. Cruising Expeditions has enjoyed positive experiences teaching women the aspects of sailing. This is an important consideration to the safety of the cruising couple, which in the event of an emergency both people should be able to run the boat competently.

What are the accommodations?
For a couple the forward vee berth has a door and can be made private. The vee berth is large and very comfortable. Other berths include a pilot berth and settee berth low and near the center of the boat lessening the boats motion.

What gear and clothes should I bring?
Please review the Crew Advisory Page.

Can I communicate to my family or business while on the Expedition?
Yes, while in port or at anchor you can use your cell phone, tablets or other device.

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