Experienced Sailing Couples:
Your a couple and have cruised or chartered before and would like to join the boat and have it to yourselves, we offer a Couples Option. Ask to reserve the boat exclusively when making a reservation see the schedule

Sailing Couples Looking to Gain Experience:
Cruising couples a husband and wife (double handed) teams are the most common cruiser. One or the other possibly both, has a dream of sailing for a few years. Cruising Expeditions offers a one couple option. The couple will run the boat, with the Skipper oversight, instruction and help. The experience and adventure is soley the couple's delivering the full opportunity to gain confidence. At anchor partners get a chance to speak with other cruising couples that are "Out-There" cruising in exotic locations.

The Expedition Boat is not too large a boat requiring multiple hands to operate, nor is it intimidating for a new sailor. The boat can easily be sailed by a double handed team or singlehanded (by a more experienced sailor) a crucial element for learning. This is an important consideration, participant gains knowledge from operating a boat closely matching their boat now or in the future.

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