Confidence in the Skipper

For Experienced Sailors:
Great, you have plenty of experience and just want to join along sail to remote beaches, tropical waters and take in the dream! Please let us welcome you; come along, pull a sheet, turn a winch, hoist a sail, helm, stand a watch and navigate with us!
For Adventures that want a level of Sailing Instruction:
There are few things Skip White enjoys more than to share his love of sailing. His relaxed style will help build your confidence, letting the lesson come to you, so you will seize it and make it yours. You will have the opportunity to learn by doing! You can learn at your pace, as much or as little as you wish!

Confidence in the Boat

The Cruising Expedition Boat has been owned and operated for over ten years. During this period under Skip White's direction and or work it has been restored to a better than new state. The boat is a William Lapworth design, Islander 44. Lapworth boats including this design have been taken offshore by multiple owners. Lapworth as a designer was best known for his CAL 40, and it's success in the Transpac during the peak of Lapworth's work.

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